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What To Expect on Fashionability: Transcript

Em: Hi there, everyone. This is Emily Davison, co-founder with Laura Legendary, of the Fashionability Channel, here to share with you more about what you can expect to hear from us.

LL: And this is Laura, to invite you to help us grow the Fashionability Channel by telling your friends and followers about what we have to offer. So, Emily, why don’t you start…tell everyone about some of our fun ideas for the channel!

Em: One of the many segments you can look forward to will be called Changing Perceptions. It will feature interviews with inspirational people who are revolutionizing the fashion industry and making it an inclusive place for people with disabilities.

LL: “In The Loop,” will be a segment featuring the Fit Loop fitness guru marana Weber, who will discuss steps to achieving fitness for anyone, at any level, but especially for people who are blind or visually impaired. We’ll also add some nutritional insights for anyone who wants to ensure optimal health through better food choices.

Em: “The Tricks of the Trade” will be a series in which cosmetics and make up experts and enthusiasts will explore and explain some of the key tricks and tips for how you can achieve great looks with your make up.

LL: In a segment we’re calling, “Bad-ass Abilities,”Alan Chaulet, owner of BadAss Ability, will discuss wheelchair accessories and wheelchair sports apparel.

Em: “Fashionability Life Hacks” will be a series aimed at focusing on giving people with different disabilities advice and guidance on how to access fashion, from shopping to choosing the right clothing. This is a series aimed at explaining everything you need to know about making fashion accessible for your individual needs.

LL: In my segment called, “On The Job – Careerwear that works,” I’ll be discussing what to wear while on the job…or looking for one.

Em: “The Language of Fashion” will be a series that looks into what style means and how peoples dress sense can articulate something about them. The series will discuss different cultural perspectives of fashion with guest speakers for each episode.

LL: In “Fashionability 101,” Both Emily and I, along with special guests, will offer up some education as to some really basic aspects of fashion and style, with accessibility in mind. Thorough descriptions of basic shapes, necklines, sleeve lengths, textiles, skirt lengths, vocabulary and entry-level terminology associated with apparel, makeup, haircare, skincare, accessories, and so on. Learn along with us.

EM: Are you “Loving The Skin You’re In?” This will be a series that talks about body confidence and how to make the most of your body with guest speakers to add some 411.

LL: “Shoe be do be do,” Will feature various experts who will tread softly on the topic of footwear.

Em: “Skincare S O S” Have a rather bad bout of acne? Your skin is feeling rather worse for wear this Autumn? You want to know how to make your skin look and feel amazing? Well never fear for the Skincare S OS series is here. This will be a series that looks at how you can achieve perfect skin for your skin type with the help of the series that will look at different aspects of skin conditions from aging skin, to troublesome spots to environmentally triggered skin problems.
If your skin is in need of some TLC, this is the series for you.

LL: Finally, no list of topics would be complete without a discussion of “All That Glitters.” We’ll talk about jewelry and gems, tips on how to buy, how to wear, and how to care for your beautiful collection. We’ll review how to identify all types of metals, stones, components, settings, styles and trends.

Em: These are just examples of the type of content we are currently planning to air on Fashionability. However, as we evolve, grow and change as a result of listener feedback, you might hear many other topics.

LL: Remember, if you have a suggestion, topic idea, or just want to show us some love, please send us an email at fashionability channel at

Em: Stay tuned! Bye for now!

Welcome To the World of Fashionability: Transcript

Em: Hello, everyone! Welcome to the very first post of the brand-new Fashionability channel! I’m Emily Davison, founder of

LL: And I’m Laura Legendary, owner of Elegant Insights Braille Creations. We invite you to join our very stylish partnership as we launch our new venture.

Em: Fashionability is your guide to accessible style.

LL: Finally, style within reach…of everyone.

Em: first, let’s talk about what you will find here on the Fashionability channel. We plan to share tips and information that you need to look and feel your best, with the core focus on inclusion.

LL: You can expect to hear segments on all aspects of fashion, beauty, fitness and nutrition, jewelry and accessories.

Em: We have lots of guests lined up who will help us all to learn how to take better care of ourselves, put our best face forward, find the right look for lifestyle or career, and even some insights into basic vocabulary that will help you when shopping or putting your look together.

LL: The Fashionability channel will include tips and info for both men and women, all shapes and sizes, all ages and all abilities.

Em: If you have friends or loved ones who you know will benefit from Fashionability, please spread the word! Tweet, like, share, and follow us! All of the Fashionability social links are on the Audioboo Fashionability Channel page.

LL: Have a segment idea, a guest to suggest, a topic to request? Write us! We’re at fashionability channel at

EM: So, we hope you love all you discover on the Fashionability Channel. We plan to cover a lot of ground, and have a lot of fun.

LL: So stay tuned and check out our next few posts, where Emily and I interview each other so as to introduce ourselves and share more about our plans. We’ll talk about our own businesses, our backgrounds in fashion, and our own personal sense of style.

Em: Also, please read our respective blogs, where we have both posted more information on the Fashionability channel, and each other. Read about Laura on my blog,

LL: And you can read about Emily on my blog,

Em: So, bye for now!

LL: thanks for listening.