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Fashionability Channel Contributor Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in making a contribution to the great content we offer here on Fashionability. We strive to provide interesting, substantive, useful and entertaining information for the benefit of all listeners, both men and women,, of all ages, all walks of life, and all abilities. We work hard to produce quality content and create an environment that is inclusive and educational. If you would like to be a part of our channel, whether as a guest, a regular contributor, or as a listener uploading a comment to a post, please review the guidelines below for how you can make a positive contribution to Fashionability.

Keep it relevant: Think of the Fashionability Channel in the same way as you might think of a user forum for exchanging information. If the most recent posted content is one of our topic segments on a specific subject, stay on topic. All comments will be moderated, and if yours isn’t germane to the plot, so to speak, we won’t post it. If you want to hear us discuss an item or issue in particular, or if you want to make a topic suggestion, please write to us at We’ll do our best to make Fashionability your guide to accessible style, and we want to hear from you.

Keep it real: We believe that everyone must start where they are, and we recognize not everyone is a fashionista. Not everyone can afford designer brands, or aspires to. Not everyone is on the same level with regard to up-to-the-minute trends and industry news, so we hope to impart not only the “what,” or the “how,” of a particular recommendation, but to supply the “why,” as well. As you make your comments, please keep in mind that those who hear you may be new to fashion, new to the working world, or new to the disability community. We endeavor to embody the true meaning of the word inclusive, in every sense.

Keep it pithy: We recognize that it’s not always easy to stay on point. Sometimes, especially when under the pressure of recording an audio that will live forever on the Internet, it can be difficult to articulate exactly what you want to say. We know, trust us. However, it might be helpful if you jot down your thoughts before recording, then get right to the point. We plan to keep our show segments as brief as we can, so as to respect your time. We know that not everyone can sit and listen to an hour-long podcast, and sometimes you might be listening while doing other things. We will work hard to bring you the best information possible in the shortest amount of time we can, and we ask that you do as well.

Keep it positive: The Fashionability channel is a place for exchanging information and ideas that will help listeners to gain confidence, increase self-esteem, feel better, and look their best. We endeavor to do this by being uplifting, positive, encouraging, and supportive. The Fashionability channel is not the place to air your grievances about a person, product, or organization. Remember, all comments are moderated, and we reserve the right to refrain from posting, or, to remove a post, if we feel it violates either the letter or the spirit of these guidelines. At Fashionability, we have a passion for serving others, and we welcome this mindset in all who contribute to the channel.

Keep it legal: Don’t badmouth anyone or anything, and you won’t get into trouble.

Disclaimer: All posts, comments, and audio contributions are the opinions of the individual, and not necessarily shared by Fashionability. We currently do not accept sponsorship funds or compensation of any kind, and opinions expressed are our own. Should any product review or segment become underwritten or sponsored, we will make that information known. Emily Davison and Laura Legendary, owners of the Fashionability brand, are not liable for any loss, injury, or damage resulting from any comments or recommendations made on the channel, and are to be held harmless. Information offered on the Fashionability channel is for entertainment purposes only, and is not meant to be a substitute for physician’s advice. Do not use any products or recommendations discussed on the channel if you believe you may experience adverse results. Consult your physician before attempting any new diet or fitness program.

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