Welcome To the World of Fashionability: Transcript

Em: Hello, everyone! Welcome to the very first post of the brand-new Fashionability channel! I’m Emily Davison, founder of Fashioneyesta.com.

LL: And I’m Laura Legendary, owner of Elegant Insights Braille Creations. We invite you to join our very stylish partnership as we launch our new venture.

Em: Fashionability is your guide to accessible style.

LL: Finally, style within reach…of everyone.

Em: first, let’s talk about what you will find here on the Fashionability channel. We plan to share tips and information that you need to look and feel your best, with the core focus on inclusion.

LL: You can expect to hear segments on all aspects of fashion, beauty, fitness and nutrition, jewelry and accessories.

Em: We have lots of guests lined up who will help us all to learn how to take better care of ourselves, put our best face forward, find the right look for lifestyle or career, and even some insights into basic vocabulary that will help you when shopping or putting your look together.

LL: The Fashionability channel will include tips and info for both men and women, all shapes and sizes, all ages and all abilities.

Em: If you have friends or loved ones who you know will benefit from Fashionability, please spread the word! Tweet, like, share, and follow us! All of the Fashionability social links are on the Audioboo Fashionability Channel page.

LL: Have a segment idea, a guest to suggest, a topic to request? Write us! We’re at fashionability channel at gmail.com.

EM: So, we hope you love all you discover on the Fashionability Channel. We plan to cover a lot of ground, and have a lot of fun.

LL: So stay tuned and check out our next few posts, where Emily and I interview each other so as to introduce ourselves and share more about our plans. We’ll talk about our own businesses, our backgrounds in fashion, and our own personal sense of style.

Em: Also, please read our respective blogs, where we have both posted more information on the Fashionability channel, and each other. Read about Laura on my blog, www.fashioneyesta.com.

LL: And you can read about Emily on my blog, www.accessibleinsights.info/blog.

Em: So, bye for now!

LL: thanks for listening.

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