A designer with perfect fashion vision! Meet Tricia, founder of Blind Girl Designs.

Laura interviews Tricia Waechter, founder and designer behind the fashion brand Blind Girl Designs. Blind Girl Designs was founded in January 2021 and launched in March 2021. Tricia has been in the fashion and garment industry for over three decades and finds her passion in designing clothing that is not only beautiful, but comfortable and timeless. The name Blind Girl Designs is derived from Tricia’s vision impairment. She has about 10 percent of her vision left, but doesn’t let this stop her from building a clothing empire with garments that are as unique as you are. Follow @blindgirldesigns on Instagram, and join Tricia for Let’s Go Shopping, a holiday gift mall crawl November 5th and 6th, from 9AM to 5PM Pacific time, noon to 8PM Eastern. To get an invitation to this virtual event, send a blank email to lgs+subscribe@groups.io and you’ll get all the details via the announce list! Shop for Blind Girl Designs at http://blindgirldesigns.com/.